2015 Ski Season Started at Yalnızçam Ski Center

📩 24/11/2018 14:03

2015 Ski Season Has Begun in Soloçam Ski Center: The 2015 ski season has opened at the Güzelçam Ski Center in Ardahan, even though it is late.

The ski season of 2015 was opened even though it is late at the Güzelçam Ski Center in Ardahan's Uğurlu Mountain Area.

A ceremony was held at the ski resort for the opening of the season. Mayor of Ardahan Ahmet Deniz and his wife Olcay Deniz, Mayor Faruk Köksoy and his wife, Cevriye Köksoy, Deputy Governor Deniz Pişkin and many skiers participated in the ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Governor Deniz said, ı Today we are opening the 2015 skiing season at Yalnızçam Ski Center. Our ski center, which is declared as a tourism region with the decision of the Council of Ministers, will have more beautiful facilities from the coming years and will bring its name to the forefront in the region. We want to train national athletes and national skiers. I want everyone in Ardahan to do what they can for skiing. The nature of this place is also beautiful snow. Da

Mayor Faruk Köksoy also said, bahs Our ski resort has been giving a name for a long time and promising hope in every aspect. With the establishment, infrastructure and other physical conditions at a better level, the Yalnızçam Ski Center will be mentioned in a few years. For Ardahan, winter sports and especially skiing are very important. We should all support the spread of this sport, Bu he said.

With the opening ceremony, Governor Ahmet Deniz, Mayor Faruk Köksoy, Deputy Governor Deniz Pişkin and many ski lovers skied on the slopes.