World's First Underground Underground Tunnel 140 Age

World's First Underground Underground Tunnel 140 Age: 1875 Year of the Karaköy-Beyoğlu Tunnel, which was commissioned in 140, was celebrated. celebrated with the management and participation of citizens. After the celebration and commemorative photographs were taken in the tunnel, a transportation museum was opened in the Cer Atölyesi building where the giant reels carrying the load of Tünel were found.
İETT Culture Arts Stop, called the opening of the museum called IETT General Manager Kahveci, “One of the world's most rooted institutions IETT history will live in this transportation museum. I invite Istanbulites to our cultural art stop to see the historical materials used in Istanbul transportation. On the second floor of our Cer Atelier, we will give culture and art workshops and activities. IETT, which has left its mark on the history of Istanbul, will continue to leave traces with these activities. İstanbul
At the end of the ceremony, the transportation museum was visited and Kahveci commemorated the day.
In addition, TUNNEL was prepared for the 140 year of Tünel. Tünel's history, unknown facts about Tünel, legends and historical photographs were included in the magazine.
The tunnel subway, which runs between Galata and Pera, runs around an average of 181 averaging 15 a day and runs a risk of zero accidents. The number of passengers in the tunnel, called Istanbul Tunnel, is estimated to be as high as 5,5 by the various names such as Istanbul Tunnel, Galata-Pera Tunnel, Galata Tunnel, Galata-Pera Underground Train, Istanbul City Train, Underground Elevator and Tahtelarz.
17 January 1875 is the line length 573 meter of the opened tunnel. The tunnel with the 2 wagon completes its 2 station number in 90 seconds.


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