Traffic chaos in Uludag

Uludağda traffic chaos Uludag Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, especially on weekends suffers influx excursionists. Due to the lack of car parking in the Hotel Zone, the traffic jams created by motorists arriving with their vehicles were displayed with a remote controlled model helicopter camera. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, this problem in Uludag will be resolved by giving authority to the municipality, said: "Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, give us authority Uludag, passes Davos" he said.

The problems in Uludag, which the holidaymakers call birlikte White Heaven eme, are on the agenda with the closing of the hotels in April after the skiing season begins. With the snowfall, the hotel occupies a good start to the season thanks to the fact that the occupancy rate of the hotels reaches to 100s. White paradise is also on the weekends during the weekends. Generally, the hotel and business owners as well as city managers react to the mess created by the excursioners coming by car.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who wanted to end the concretization of Uludağ, was in the prime minister's office in 2008 when he ordered the summit to be held in Davos, and many public guest houses and some hotels were detained. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs has prepared a project, but has returned from the judiciary on appeal.

Meanwhile, the authority of sewerage and infrastructure was granted to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, while the superstructure authority remained in the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs due to the region being the National Park.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 50 annual cable car line was renewed until the Uludag Hotels Region. The new ropeway began its pre-Christmas service.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Uludag wants to be given to the construction authority Bursa. Altepe, many issues will be solved with the authorization given by specifying, “Uludağ is no different from the thousand thousand thousand in the district of 100. The responsibility given for the infrastructure should also be given in terms of superstructure. Public facilities were destroyed in the first area. We wanted to make facilities for citizens instead of them. The Ministry did not allow. Not allowed to call 'Let's do parking to solve traffic clutter' is not allowed. We wanted to hand over the health center. Governorate approved, returned from Ankara. Ankara loves Uludağ more than Bursa. 400 wants to manage a mile away. It is called a national park, but 35 has a touristic facility and 50 has been operating for years. Everyone says Uludag Davos. But you know that Davos is not the ministry, but the mayor is managing the rate. Ama

Uludag four-season use of facilities for the record should be made Altepe, said:

Uz We want to make winter Olympics in Uludağ. In the past days, the Olympics committee came and examined. They will come again in the coming days. However, the existing runways for the construction of the Olympic and winter sports centers need to be made inadequate. Facilities must be made for day trips. But the lack of authority does not bind our hands. The solution is not so difficult. The work to be done by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs from the national park area of ​​the hotels region, to be declared a tourism region and then the construction authority to be given to the metropolitan. With the investments to be made, Uludağ will even pass Davos Ulu