Uludag was attached to the ministry

Uludag was attached to the ministry's plans for the opening of the summer tourist Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter did not happen in the year 2014. Uludag, where there are many problems such as authority, parking and toilet problems, cannot be taken. In Uludag, the tourism authorities want the authorities and responsibilities to be gathered in one hand to accelerate the solutions.

The first facilities are opened in 1950 years and still with public guesthouses in the 30 accommodation center with a bed capacity of about 8 thousand in Uludag, the problems brought by years can not be solved. The confusion between the ministries and the unwillingness of Ankara to give authority to the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa cause the disruption of the services at the top. Uludag 1. Authority in the Region National Parks Directorate, 2. In the region, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which takes responsibility for infrastructure services, wants to be the only authority at the summit. Although the municipality is from the ruling party, authority is not transferred. At the summit, the municipality is responsible for services such as sewage, drinking water and wastewater, while Ankara is still responsible for the construction of social facilities such as car parks and toilets.


The peak of the world's longest ropeway 9 29 2014 XNUMX in Uludag, the peak of the moment with the introduction of the mobility was quite active. There are still no parking and public restrooms in Uludag, especially on weekends and holidays. During the winter months, the peak of the holiday period, such as New Year's, the peak of the summit in summer, even in the summer is almost impossible to find a hotel. It is stated that Uludag, which does not pay enough attention during the summer except for the day trips of the Arab tourists, could become a center of attraction with the construction of social facilities and sports fields.


At the summit where snow thickness exceeds the 2 meter these days, the problems experienced by the tourism workers cause the reaction. Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) South Marmara Region Executive Board Chairman Mehmet Akkus, says the following about the problem on the mountain: "8 thousand bed capacity together with government guesthouse at the summit. There is still a confusion of authority at the summit. In the area where the old hotels are called First Region, Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, 2 where new hotels are built. In the Region, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture is authorized. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for infrastructure services such as sewerage and drinking water. We want to delegate all powers to the municipality at the summit. Because the problem is solved in the center, the final solution is delayed remotely. We want the only authorized voice to come out. "

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe also stated that Uludağ is continuing its efforts to open up the use of domestic and foreign tourists to the use of all values ​​not used correctly until now. Altepe said: biçim It was a mistake that an important value like Uludağ has not been used effectively until now. Because this region is a region with very serious touristic potential and provides significant income. Uludağ is a monk mountain with spirit. It is a mountain with a monastery on 100. We have an 7 crater lake in Uludağ. A mountain with hundreds of destinations. There are so many places to walk, so we need to make the most of it. Yürüyüş