Why a double standard is applied in Uludag cable car fare

Why is Uludag cable car fare double standard applied: Our city distinguishes it from other provinces has features that reveal the difference.
For example, one of them is a ropeway.
Even one of the most important.
The generations of births under 1970 will remember very well that in the photographs describing Bursa, on postcards, on the stamps, there was a red-colored large cabin with sliding doors.
Now, this symbol of our city is further developed by the Metropolitan Municipality and is not only a comfortable and safer place, but also the cable car line Uludag 2. Extended to the Region.
In fact, the gospel that the ropeway was planned for summit from Gökdere Metro Station this summer is approved by the ministry and this is an important development for Bursa tourism.
As we quoted in the title of our article, our reason for emphasizing ”Is it not a shame? Baş is:
Double standard is applied for those who want to travel by cable car that goes to Sarıalan first and then to Uludağ 2nd Region.
So citizens of the Republic of Turkey TRY If you 30, 50 If foreign TL tariff is applied.
Is not the biggest tourist of our standard practice?
To get to Uludag from the cable car to the station to the tourist tourists who come to the station for the different price tariff for their response to the response you look at.
“You are not Turkish iniz
But we are a country as Turkey attaches importance to the tourism sector.
This double standard is what we apply when we need to support the tourism sector that provides the average 35-40 billion dollar foreign exchange input to our economy and encourage the future tourists to our country.
While tourists are preferring more economical conditions to tourists who prefer European and tourism countries, Teleferik AŞ should explain what the price difference is based on.
Distinction of ya you are us, not you ıy to the tourists coming to our city World Heritage It does not suit Bursa which has shown success in entering UNESCO.

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