TÜVASAŞ to damage 25 million pounds

TÜVASAŞ diagnosis 25 million pounds in damages: According to the Court's Audit Report 2013 Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), exports of cars made after the year 30 25 million pounds has damaged the state.
The export was the order of the Bulgarian Railways (BDZ). Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ), due to the mistakes made by 2012 and Bulgaria in 2013. In total, 75,1 million cars were sold for 30, did not spend £ 88,6 million. The company paid a 13,5 million euro delay penalty, with a loss of 4 million TL resulting from the sale of wagons. In the report, “The BDZ order, the project amount of which was 32 million 205 thousand Euros, resulted in a huge loss of approximately 25 million TL. It was determined that the loss was caused by the lack of administrative knowledge and experience in both the contract and the production process (between 2010-2012) and the inability to manage the project process with due diligence. ” The statement said.
The Auditing Report of TÜVASAŞ 2013 Year was completed by the Court of Accounts. The company's 2013 year was marked by a significant increase compared to the cost and expense increases, revenue and profit increases, and the working period ended with 21,3 million TL loss. 2013, which has a significant impact on the loss in 30, stated that the damage caused by 2011 wagon production has occurred mainly as a result of the operational and planning errors made in previous periods. the financing of production, procurement, material management and cash planning, the deviation of the production program objectives (especially in the year of 2013) and the exposure to delay penalties due to the inability of the wagons to be delivered on time led to significant losses and their results were reflected in the year of XNUMX. . Ild
TÜVASAŞ participated in the tender for the supply of 30 sleeping cars opened by the General Directorate of Bulgarian Railways (BDZ) on April 11, 2008. The company submitted a bid of 73 million 500 thousand Euros for 30 wagons, one million 32 thousand 205 Euros. The General Directorate of Bulgarian Railways sent a letter to the company on 28 May 2008, asking for answers to various technical questions about the construction. In its reply letter, TÜVASAŞ stated that the materials to be used in production will be supplied from national and international companies that produce in accordance with the technical specifications and produce in accordance with the International Union of Railways (UIC) standards. TÜVASAŞ awarded the tender with the letter of the General Directorate of Bulgarian Railways dated 6 October 2008. kazanwas. A contract worth 73 million 500 thousand Euros was signed between TÜVASAŞ and Bulgarian Railways on 30 December 17 for the construction of 2010 sleeping wagons at a bid unit price of one million 32 thousand 205 Euros. An advance of 31,8 million 10 thousand 225 Euros at the rate of 087 percent of the contract value was paid to the company on 3 October 2011 and the contract entered into force as of this date. As of 3 January 2011, the delivery of sleeper wagons was determined as 17 wagons in the 2012th month (12 July), 18 wagons in the 2012th month (8 August) and 24 wagons in the 2012th month (10 December). For the wagons, all of which were completed in 2012, the delivery time was delayed and the delivery was delayed due to the testing procedures. The delivery of the wagons was delayed on 30 April 2013.
Despite the completion of the production of wagons, there were problems in the realization of some of the issues in the contract. The most important of these is that the TSI requirements of the European Union in the 2011 for passenger cars of the European Union are insufficient to meet the requirements of the suppliers and the delay in obtaining the certificates. Another reason is the requirement that the wagons comply with the speed of 176 km / h (160 km / h + percent 10). After the production of the wagons, there were no suitable roads and locomotives for the speed test. In the report of the Court of Accounts, all these negativities, as a prudent trader, should be considered as the foreseeable things to be taken into consideration before entering the tender.
In the report, which was stated to be 88 million 668 thousand TL in sales related to the sale of sleepers produced for BDZ company, “It was determined that the sales revenue was 75 million 139 thousand TL and a loss of 13 million 528 thousand TL occurred as a result of this sale. Total penalty of 4 million 20 thousand 794 Euros calculated by BDZ company due to delays in the certification and test drive process of wagons in TSI standard. was deducted by offsetting the company receivable. In the case of the court proceedings against the case, the 'BDZ Sleeper Wagon Project' resulted in a loss of 2 million TL in the Bulgarian Arbitration Court against TÜVASAŞ. will also increase. It was determined that the BDZ order, whose project amount was 491 million 57 thousand Euros, resulted in a huge loss of approximately 529 million TL, resulting from the lack of administrative knowledge and experience in both the contract and the production process (between 737-25) and the inability to manage the project process with due diligence. ”
In the report stated that the investigation was initiated by the TCDD Inspection Board due to the damage caused, “In the Inspection Report dated 17 December 2013 issued as a result of the investigation conducted, the responsibilities of the General Manager and the Deputy of the period were determined and the investigation authority related to the General Manager was in the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Maritime by the General Directorate of TCDD. Following up the transactions to be carried out by the Ministry regarding the Inspection Report submitted to the Ministry, creating sales prices by conducting unit cost and price analysis in sales to be made both in Turkey and abroad; it is recommended that production, inventory, finance and sales programs are carried out in harmony with each other. ” expressions were included.
In order to ensure that the company can operate more profitably and efficiently, the report included the following recommendations: “While efforts are being made to meet the orders of TCDD and its subsidiaries without interruption, on the other hand, efforts to open up to domestic and foreign markets and turn to alternative markets in order to increase the market share are carried out effectively and efficiently. continuity kazanIncreasing and improving the modernization efforts in order to reduce the production costs, especially the labor costs, and thus increase the competitive power of the company, to make work time studies by making use of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project, to review the status of the existing units in all aspects and to create a more economical solution. restructuring and focusing on standard working hours, a balanced financing policy in the company; executing production, sales and stock programs in harmony with each other, working with safety stocks for critical materials, and not causing excessive stock accumulation by considering optimum stock levels; It is considered necessary to pay attention to the effective and efficient use of resources.”

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