TÜRSAB announces winter tourism report

TÜRSAB winter tourism has released its report: Turkey Travel Agencies Union announced winter tourism report. According to the report, Austria Winter tourism, which is tough rivals such as Switzerland and France, Turkey is making progress in ski resorts.

Sea, sand, sun settled among the first to come to mind when country called Turkey, to spread tourism sector 12 months in winter tourism in recent years began to bear weight. 10 2.7 million visitors were welcomed 2014 years ago, this number exceeded 4.8 million as of XNUMX.

Winter tourism in Austria, Switzerland and France with tough opponents such as Turkey, which is indispensable to making progress in the ski resort of the winter season. As of today, the number of registered ski centers in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism 28, this is not certified by the Ministry of Tourism, but by the different administrations as designated by the ski resort or the target areas are added to the number of 51. When the total bed capacity is considered, 28 9 bed capacity is already available in 549 certified by the Ministry of Tourism, while the target is to reach 78 bin 645.

Winter Olympics will be held in 2026 who aspire to go further in terms of investment and property in Turkey in many ways. The increase in the number and quality of the facilities in recent years and the increasing demand show that achieving this goal will not be very difficult with the support of the state. Indeed, for the winter season in Turkey 2015 interest rates and the potential is revealed.

In Uludag, which is the most intense period of winter tourism 'semester' holidays, overnight accommodation prices almost triple a holiday in the Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko, which has been explored by Turks for cheap skiing in recent years. In other words, the prices of hotels in Turkey, Austria, Bulgaria and Italy already seems to overtake.

'Winter Tourism Report' President TÜRSAB found in about evaluation Basaran Ulusoy, "sea, sand, one sun tourism in the world's leading tourism countries strengthened as a place that Turkey also came forward with an alternative vacation options in recent years. Not missing out on winter snow high in the mountains and ski tourism, health and thermal facility supported with investment interests in Turkey's tourism was an important product showcase, "he said.

Ulusoy, the winter time of the number of tourists hosted in the winter 4.8 million, while this figure in winter, 5 million said they expect to rise above. Ulusoy, Uludağ, Palandöken, Kartepe and Kartalkaya'da new facilities in the world with their names announced that they emphasize the increased occupancy rates in the region is an indication of this, he said.

Ulusoy, "Winter tourism is very suitable to keep Turkey in the tourism sector within the 83 percent of the world hand in hand if we are competing with the ski resort in the Alps," he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:01

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