City of Tunnels Army

Army of Tunnels: Since the flat area can not be found in Ordu, where the airport is built into the sea, the majority of the double roads are built under the mountains. The army is known as the 'city of tunnels' in terms of the length and number of tunnels under the mountains on the double roads built in the last 12 year.
In Turkey, a total of 145 160 km long tunnel was found, the Army has 63 tunnels with a length of 40 km. owned 44 percent of the tunnels across the country. Ferhat misali mountains, hills, tunnels drilled in 3 thousand 820 meters in length built by Turkey's longest land tunnel, which is still delicious Akçelik Tunnel's Army in the province. Army radio exquisite passing through the tunnel Akçelik "Turkey's army, which is the longest tunnel from here are going Stunning Akçelik Tunnel" made the announcement.
Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz stated that there are 63 tunnels with a length of 40 km in the Ordu ring road, Ordu-Fatsa ring road, and Black Sea-Mediterranean Ordu stage. Yilmaz, "Turkey before 2001, 3 thousand 600 meters in length of the Bolu Tunnel can not do that in our 13 years currently in power in Ordu province in the 63 km long tunnel current. So now Ordu has the longest tunnel and the most tunnels. This is our pride. There is a 20 km tunnel on the 10 km Ordu ring road. The contribution of only the tunnels of the ring road to the economy of Ordu is 40 million TL. "The ring road and tunnels are indispensable for Ordu in terms of the convenience of transportation and the relief of the traffic of the city."

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