TÜMOSAN to Sign Letter of Intent with Spanish Railway Company

TÜMOSAN will sign a Letter of Intent with the Spanish Railway Company: Tümosan Motor and Tractor Industry announced that it will sign a letter of intent for joint project, venture or technology transfer with the Spanish company Patentes Talgo operating in the field of train and railway equipment.
In the company's statement to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) today, “A joint project with the Spanish company Patentes Talgo, which operates in this field, for the production, sale, maintenance and repair of train, high-speed train and railway materials and equipment within our company. It has been agreed to sign the memorandum of understanding regarding the joint venture and / or technology transfer ”.
Tümosan announced to KAP yesterday that it decided to meet with other companies for the production, sales and maintenance of train and high-speed train equipment.





    1. It is gratifying that TÜMOSAN + PATENTES TALGO will enter YHT production by establishing a factory in Konya. Especially the Spanish partner TALGO Company is also pleasing. TALGO is known for its extraordinary and extraordinary things, for breaking the taboos (eg TALGO-PENDULAR, TALKGO wagons etc.) R & D studies and successful product stories. It is also known that it is one of the leaders who make their own way in the field of YHT. It has been surprising that our country has not been active enough in the field of YHT systems. Wishing you to be successful and prosperous.