Description of overpass from Trabzon Governorate

Description of the overpass from the Trabzon Governor: Avrasya University in front of the Çimenli Ömer Yıldız Campus, imposing the overpass despite the university's commitment to 'underpass me', the report found refuge.
Ignoring the university 's' underpass is appropriate' report, the Governorate of Trabzon praised the university and said, gelen We opened the feet of the overpass.
The Governorship of Trabzon, Eurasian University Çimenli Ömer Yıldız Campus in front of a written explanation about the crossover debate to be made in front of the university, despite the 'I'll do the underpass' commitment to continue the imposition of the overpass. The Governorate also took refuge in the report.
In the written statement, the following statements were given: an In the last days, the following explanation was needed on the news published under the headings such as ları Investment in Obstacle 'and ma Overpass of Highways kuruluş in some press organizations. 010-22 Due to the fact that the Eurasian University Ömer Yıldız Campus in Yalıncak neighborhood of Ortahisar district of Değirmendere-İyidere is on the way of our state road, there has been excessive pedestrian density at the university entrance. Therefore, taking into consideration the demands from Ortahisar Municipality and Avrasya University, the Regional Directorate of Highways started construction of the overpass. Considering the average daily traffic value (as of 2013) in the region where the Eurasian University campus is located, the most suitable location for the overpass construction is taken into consideration considering the pedestrian crossing and the horizontal section of the campus. In order to ensure traffic safety at the mentioned location and to prevent possible distressing events during the period of overpass construction, in addition to the horizontal markings present in the Eurasian University Ömer Yıldız Campus, deceleration warning lines were drawn with double konpenant paint and vertical markings were made to warn the drivers. a flashing, level crossing and a signaling system have been installed.
Despite all the horizontal, vertical markings and signaling system made by the highways, traffic density and traffic flow rate are high in the university campus and the traffic area for pedestrians and vehicles can only be ensured due to the fact that it is located in horizontal and vertical curves. The results of the surveys on the land were determined. For this reason, when determining the location of the overpass, students should reach the university entrance by at least a distance on the road, and the criteria of the width of the banquet and the expropriation limits on the road at the place where the overpass will be made are taken into consideration. process. The security of Avrasya University which has material and moral benefits in our city and the students who are studying at this university are important for us. Knowing that even the slightest unfortunate accident that could happen to our sons who are studying here and who will serve our country, will affect us deeply, because of the fact that every moment of time is of high importance, it is necessary to remove the obstacles in front of the overpass in the mentioned section. to provide a common sense for all institutions and organizations and citizens with regard to this issue is essential for our country and most importantly for our students studying here. ın



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