Trees on the İZBAN Commuter Line Route of Torbalı

Trees in the Torbalı İZBAN Commuter Line Route are Not Truncated: While the excitement of the Torbalı İZBAN commuter line is expected in May, hundreds of trees on the railway route are removed and transported to other places by experts.
The excitement of İZBAN is experienced in Torbalı, one of the fastest growing districts of İzmir. Hundreds of trees on the İZBAN line, which are expected to start their first voyages in May, are removed by experts and planted elsewhere.
Torbalı Municipality Park and Gardens Director Gülden Bolatoğlu stated that regardless of their age, size and difficulties, hundreds of trees were removed and transferred to other living areas of the district with the meticulous work of experts and said, “Our mayor Adnan Yaşar Görmez has a definite order. "No matter how difficult it is to dismantle, no matter how much labor and cost it requires, all the trees will be removed and will add value to our district in new living areas."
Stating that they transported the trees in line with the reports prepared by Agricultural Engineers, Bolatoğlu said, “Not a single tree was cut along the İZBAN line. The interest and sensitivity of our citizens also make us happy. About 200 trees have been transplanted so far. All the trees in the district are also undergoing pruning, ”he said.


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