The action of the villagers' stone quarry turned into a festival

Villagers' Quarry Action Returned to a Festival: In Akalan Village of Kemalpaşa District, where a quarry to be used for the construction of the Izmir - Istanbul Motorway was wanted to be established, the resistance turned into a festival. Support from CHP deputies Musa Çam, Mustafa Moroğlu, Alaattin Yüksel and Hülya Güven came to the villagers who gathered in the resistance zone, from young children to the elderly. One of the villagers, 85-year-old Fatma Avcı, said that they would wait and fight at this point for her grandchildren, even if she died, for their future.
A subcontractor company working on the highway construction between Izmir and Istanbul, which is still under construction, wanted to open a stone quarry in Kemalpaşa Akalan Village to extract filling material. The villagers, who rebelled against this decision taken without their knowledge, started a legal struggle to stop the execution. In addition, the villagers rebelled against the construction of a construction site for the quarry and the arrival of construction equipment. Villagers who stormed the building site the previous day broke the windows of the construction site buildings with their heavy machinery.
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However, the explanations of the Kemalpaşa District Governor and the attempts of the gendarmerie did not renounce the Akalan Peasants from their resistance. The villagers who set up tents in the resistance zones and kept the watch guarding the night, organized an event in the air today. Peasant women, on the one hand baked dough and made pu, on the other hand for the brewed tea. Peasant women, burned around the big fires trying to warm up and to support them environmentalists, citizens, distributed trash.
Akalan villagers from seven to seventy, from young children to the elderly, gathered at the quarry waiting point, as well as supporters. Fatma Avcı, 85, was one of the symbolic figures of the resistance here. Fatma Avcı said, “At this point, I will wait and fight for my grandchildren, for their future, even until I die. Either his death or this job will end ”he said. Saying that they do not have any fields due to the railway that passed a while ago, Urfe Karabacak said, “We have no pension, we do not have income. We have grandchildren. We hardly feed ourselves. If this is done, what will we do? " said. Ayşe Yapar, one of the peasant women, said, “We are waiting here every day. We will continue to wait. It is an area close to our children's school. The walls of our houses were cracked due to the train route, we did not make a sound. But now our cherries and olives are leaving our hands. "We will resist until the end," he said.
Akalan villagers received support from politicians. CHP Izmir deputies, Moses Pine, Mustafa Moroglu, Alaattin Yuksel and Hülya Güven came to the region and began to wait with the villagers. Musa Çam, one of the MPs, said they were not against highway construction, they were against damage to nature and the villagers while they were being built. DSP Provincial Chairman Selçuk Karakülçe was among the supporters of the villagers.
Attorney Şehrazat Mercan, who supported the villagers and filed a lawsuit for not building a quarry, made a statement about the legal dimension of the incident. Mercan said, “I filed a lawsuit on behalf of 40 villagers. They want to enter and study here with the decision that there is no need for EIA. But here there is pasture, there is a cherry, there is a school. This is an impossible place. "We are waiting for a stay of execution decision from the court."

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