Demolition of the Municipal Council

The Governor of the Railroad Municipality Lifted the District Want to be back: Wednesday Governor Caner Stars, Samsun-Wednesday has opened a call for the activation of the railway line to be opened for use. However, Wednesday Municipality rails in 2013 was dismantled.
Wednesday Governor Caner Yildiz wants to re-activate the railway between Samsun and Carsamba, which was removed by the district municipality in 2013.
On Wednesday, Wednesday, Governor of the District Governorate Caner Yildiz said that the 2013 kilometer section of 3 could be rebuilt.
“Very important for Samsun”
Touching on the importance of the line built by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in the early years of the Republic, Çarşamba District Governor Caner Yıldız said, “When it was first built, it was used for tobacco transportation. It then remained idle over time. However, this line is very important for Samsun. ”
“Logistics is also important for the village”
Stating that this line is very important for the Logistics Village, which is planned to be built in Tekkeköy, District Governor Yıldız said, “There is a distance of approximately 18 kilometers between Samsun and the Logistics Village planned to be built. Improvement is required here. Because as trade increases, rail transportation will be needed more. In addition, there is a place of 2-3 kilometers dismantled by the municipality on Wednesday. This is not so important. In terms of increasing transportation diversity in Samsun, it will be very useful for our city to improve this line and open it to freight and passenger transportation. The light rail system to be built up to Tekkeköy will also affect the transportation positively as the roads are separate ”.
Samsun-Çarşamba railway in the city around the 3 kilometer part of the remove the Wednesday Municipality railroad tracks had made the way.
Dündar said the following about the work done in 2013; “As the Municipality of Çarşamba, we removed the 10-kilometer section of the Çarşamba-Samsun railway line, which has been idle for about 3 years and lost its railway transportation feature, with the protocol we signed with State Railways.”





    1. a mind-boggling situation, typical Turkish style and Turkey.
      The right of the plot of the removed section of the line, who belongs to the deed? In the advanced countries, the railroad and certain wide area, kte perimeter, belong to the State Railways Inc. Done! municipal, military, courthouse, security, provincial / district health directorates, trades, etc. no one can hold hands. Here, if the property belongs to TCDD4, the relevant Wednesday Municipality, by doing that part of the line, as well as the newest, the best is the CHAIN! Done! The rest is talk, tuluate.