Overpass fight of institutions

Overpasses of the institutions: Overpass projects TİSKİ and Highways have been brought against. The two highways planned for the Black Sea Coast Road in the direction of Trabzon-Rize, TİSKİ and the Highways 10. Regional Directorate confronted. TİSKİ, Çimenli and Forum Shopping Center in front of the projected overpasses in line with the main transmission line demanded to be made. However, when the highways ignored this warning TİSKİ writing a letter for the second time, sent a team to the construction site. We had to stop the highways overpass this time.
Highways 10. Regional Directorate, Trabzon-Rize State Highway section of the Black Sea Coast Road, in front of Adnan Otomotiv in Çimenli and Forum AVM in front of two overpass projects.
Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality informed the Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality about the overpasses, Trabzon Drinking Water and Sewerage Administration (TİSKİ) warning letter was written by. TİSKİ, 25 2014 dated September 1000, ale Interest date and the number of articles mentioned in our review of the site in the northern part of the steel pedestrian overpass built by your institution in front of Forum AVM in front of our institution 600 main drainage drinking water pipe, Çimenli neighborhood next to Adnan Otomotiv It has been determined that the steel pedestrian overpass and the northern part of the foot are projected on the main drain water pipe of XNUMX. Since our main transmission line will be damaged from these manufactures, overpass legs need to be projected again. Bu
TİSKİ continued 12 2014 a second warning in the history of XNUMX. TİSKİ, ac Interest date and number in your writing in the end of the Çimenli Neighborhood Airport and Forum AVM in front of the steel pedestrian overpasses in the direction of the reaction forces applied to the raft foundation of drinking water will not have an effect on our main transmission line. However, after the productions of the main transmission line will occur in these parts of the water after the breakdown will occur in the ground with the impact of the water will cause damage to the upper passage, such as failure to intervene failures is certain. I would like to ask once again to evaluate the issue in this respect. Kon This second warning on the construction of the teams going to the region after the construction TİSKİ, asked to stop construction. Highways had to stop the constructions this time.

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