Cold Weather Causes Ray Fracture on IZBAN Line

📩 01/12/2018 16:40

Cold Weather Caused Rail Fracture in İZBAN Line: In İzmir, which has experienced the coldest days of the last 51 years, ornamental pools, waterfalls, streams and İZBAN rail line kept ice.
In Izmir, on the rails on the 80 kilometer suburban line between Aliağa and Menderes, rail fracture occurred due to the effect of cold weather. The fractures did not interfere with the passage of the train, but led to signaling failure.
IZBAN management found the solution by placing the personnel at these points to the center by means of the radio by preventing the failure of the signaling and preventing the failure. Rail fracture due to breakdown of the signaling was reported to passengers. This did not prevent the flights. IZBAN expeditions continued all day long after short-term delays in the morning.
Rail fractures, signal to pass through a fine crack, indicating that the train does not affect the train İZBAN officials, said the problem will be solved by welding.


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