Snow thickness at the Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center reaches 45 centimeters

Ilgaz Mountain Ski Center snow depth reached 45 centimeters: Turkey's major ski resorts of the hotels in Ilgaz Mountain, was reported to have reached 100 percent occupancy in the New Year bookings.

Reaching 45 centimeters of snow in the Ilgaz Mountains of Turkey's major ski resorts, the hotel operator was laughing face.

Çankırı Ski Trainers Association President İmdat Half, said in a statement, said they were happy because of the expected level of snow.

Emphasizing that the thickness of snow has increased to 45 centimeters in the ski centers on Ilgaz Mountain, Yarım said, “While the snow thickness on Ilgaz Mountain is 45 centimeters, it has increased to 25 centimeters at Yıldıztepe Ski Center. "The snowfall continues uninterruptedly."

Half, snowfall, both operators and holidaymakers were satisfied with the recording, said:

“Ilgaz Mountain is saturated with the last snowfall and snowfall. We hope the season continues like this. The region needs plenty of land and tourists. We want the season to be profitable. Before the New Year, hotels reached XNUMX percent occupancy rate. Hotels are completely full as of now. Vacationers said 'Ilgaz' this New Year. Snowfall is at the desired level. We will enter the new year in the best possible way. "