Snow Thickness in Uludağ Reached 260 Centimeters, Cable Car Didn't Work

Snow Thickness in Uludag reached 260 Centimeters, the cable car did not work: Winter tourism centers in Uludag snow thickness 2 meters 60 centimeters reached. Due to its type and storm, new ropeway hotels could not go to the region.
The snowflakes in Uludağ have been effective for three days. Snow thickness approached 3 meters. The air temperature was minus 13 at daytime and minus 15 at night. and snowfall in Uludag today and tomorrow, while the new ropeway could not make flights.
The ropeway was only operated by Teferrüç Sarıalan, but due to the heavy type and storm, the expedition could not be made between the Sarıalan Hotels Region. In Uludağ, tourism operators also provide transportation by snow engines.