We will rescue the Septimus Severus Bridge

We will save the Septimus Severus Bridge: AK Party Gaziantep Deputy Mehmet Erdogan; Faced with the danger of extinction due to maintenance of the Roman era of the Septimus Severus bridge for the rescue of the bridge and the results of the work they have done for many years reported.
MP Mehmet Erdogan, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism as a result of the initiatives as a result of the completion of these historic bridges projects, he added. Erdoğan stated that the budget allocated for the 2015 budget is reserved for the Historical Bridge and that the technical works will be restored and will be restored to tourism. Erdogan, said:
“For the preservation of historical artifacts and the historical fabric; appropriate ground, relay and drilling measurements in accordance with the historical texture of the project is a very sensitive subject and the historical artistic features of this historical artifacts to be preserved to restore; As a result of a coordinated work with the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the restoration of historical monuments is decided. As we have followed the implementation of the Septimus Severus bridge, Relay, Restitution and Restoration projects in the Araban district of Gaziantep, the projects that were not in accordance with the historical structure previously prepared were not considered appropriate and were taken into consideration by the relevant ministries. Gaziantep
Historical values ​​of the historical collapsed, Araban Castle Historical Mosque, Elif boroughs in the villages of Hisar and Hasanoglu reminded that the restoration of the tombs of the AK Party deputy Erdogan, lar 2015 year program that we have taken the Septimus Severus Bridge in the months ahead of us by restoring history without losing the historical texture It will gain. These works are taken under protection, restoration and landscaping to gain culture and tourism is very important for our country and Gaziantep altına he said.

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