The Court of Accounts 3. Airport Detection

British Istanbul airport
British Istanbul airport

The Court of Accounts 3. airport detection: 3. The Court of Auditors, indicating the delay in Channel Istanbul as the reason for the decline in the jeans at the airport, pointed out that the new situation could be in favor of DHMİ.

The reason for lowering the level of the jeans at the third airport built in Istanbul was the delay in Kanal Istanbul. The Court of Accounts, 2013 year DHMI report has allocated a large space to the third airport. According to the report, all the stages of the project, the airport will build a consortium to build the Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) Airport Operation Inc. 2014 in March prepared the proposal master plan. The company gave the report to DHMI at 9 April 2014. In the report, it is emphasized that 1.7 billion cubic meters of fill is required for the project according to the tender document, and that this amount is planned to be met from the Channel Istanbul Project, which is expected to start simultaneously. In the report, it is stated that the channel Istanbul does not overlap with the third airport of the timetable. can not be expressed


In the report, it was stated that the vehicle traffic that will be generated during the supply of filling material, thus the fuel consumption and air / noise pollution will be reduced, more usable space will be created in the vicinity of the airport area and the aesthetic appearance of the project will increase. It was also stated that the wind force would decrease by lowering the platform levels.


In the report of the Court of Accounts, in the case of changes in elevations and other possible changes, it was stated that the difference in favor of the contractor consortium as a result of the comparison will be evaluated in favor of DHMİ in a method that will be determined later on such method as rent and additional investment.


Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan, 2014 166 million in the year of the number of service passengers, aircraft traffic exceeds the 1.6 million and the record was broken all time. At the end of the previous year all aircraft traffic had been 1.2 million and the number of passengers was 150 million. For many years, the number of domestic passengers was below the number of international passengers, reminding xnumx't the first time in Turkey now the population Elven, "We 2014 years ago, 12 million approaching Turkey was 67 the frequency of air travel per population, the continuous growth in the demand for domestic lines using passenger transport result, 0.13 2014 years in Turkey was traveling with airline frequency per population. Total number of passengers on domestic lines using 1.1 77 million million, surpassing the population of Turkey reached 8.6 million, "he said.

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