The TCA overturned this rule for State Railways

The TCA overturned this rule for State Railways: The TCA, which has clearly written the names of the firms in the reports on public procurement, has broken this rule in the 347-page report it has prepared for the State Railways, hiding the company names. . We didn't want to have a discussion over the firms, Say he explained.
The largest projects carried out in the last period of turkey Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Breach of the regulations specified in the 2013 374 years of hard work was shallow pages. Among the contradictions to be determined by the auditors of the Turkish Court of Accounts regarding the TCDD tenders and the Ministry of Transportations, if necessary, to investigate the inden determination of the tendered railway passing through villages, valuable agricultural lands or even some parts of other railway lines dan, işte and 96 of the N and e% 13 progress of the expenditure in.
The most important issue in the report of the Court of Auditors no company name was given. In the reports of the TCA, the names of the firms that carried out the work in the tenders that were traditionally examined were clearly written. For example, in the report of State Airports Authority (DHMI) announced for 2013 year, company names are listed clearly. However, this rule was broken in the report prepared for TCDD and the names of companies were hidden.
According to the decision taken by the Evaluation Committee of the Report, the Court of Auditors stated that such a path was made, and an official who said erçev Our aim is not to have a discussion over firms. We emphasize the shortcomings of the administration and its operations. Therefore, we can make decisions about the absence of company names. TCDD'da this rule was applied, T he said. TCDD 2013 studies report hiding company names of TCA auditors.
Bir TCDD's tender for the purchase of training and consultancy services for infrastructure and train operations was conducted and the price survey which will determine the average price of the tender was made by taking the opinions of only one company. The tender, the price of the company that the price information gained. Moreover, only the 2 bid was received for the tender and the other firm was eliminated for different reasons. The contract was signed with the company that signed a contract for 6 million TL. The tender was not included in the Public Procurement Law since the cost was calculated to be less than 6.6 million TL; in other words, the exception remained. However, shortly after the signing of the contract, the 20 business increase has been increased and the cost of the work has been increased to 7 million TL dı The auditors of the TCA demanded that this tender be examined by the Ministry of Transport. Ancak
Another controversial tender made by TCDD, according to SAYIŞTAY auditors, was the Yerköy-Sivas section of the Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway line. This tender was also given to a company with an amount of TL 840 million. However, after the contract was signed, many details changed from the length of the tunnel to the line length. The reasons of these changes were listed as m the overlapping of some of the sections with other lines, the proximity to the fault line, the emergence of the necessity to move the villages, the passing of fertile lands and lands Bu. It was decided that the project could not be completed to 840 million TL, and the cost of the second tender was 2.2 billion TL.
96'i percent spending on the 13'ye percent
Controversial transactions were also found in the Bursa-Yenişehir line awarded by TCDD to 393.2 million TL. According to the TCA report, after the signing of the contract, the route change was made in 75 km of the 50 km line. Among the reasons for these changes were the fact that the project passed through very valuable agricultural lands and the impact of Bursa's drinking water network plans. However, after spending up to 96 of the contract price, it was determined that the physical realization remained at 13 level. The 75 kilometer road entered the business liquidation process due to the reaching of the contract cost before the 10 kilometer was reached.

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