SAMULAŞ budget did not satisfy

SAMULAŞ 'budget did not satisfy: 50 million pounds of credit required by SAMULAŞ raised the tension in the parliament. 4m-euro maintenance fee and tram newspaper are on the table
The 'SAMULAŞ' discussion took place in the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Council. CHP members, who reacted to the demand for 50 million liras, asked to question the loss of SAMULAŞ. In the parliament, where the 2014 balance sheet came to the fore that it had damaged 1 million 500 thousand liras, it was asked to explain the maintenance expense of 4m euros. Tram Newspaper was the subject of discussion.
At the parliamentary meeting in January, the loan request prepared for SAMULAŞ led the CHP members to discuss with the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Çakır. Erkan Akyüz, a member of the Metropolitan Municipality Council of CHP, said that he was not satisfied with the answer he received to the questions he asked about the cost of the tramway newspaper.
At the meeting, which was held under the management of Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Turan Çakır, CHP Council Member Erkan Akyüz said that the harm of SAMULAŞ was tried to be burdened by the citizens.
Akyüz: “It is stated that SAMULAŞ has been damaged due to a number of effects. It was announced that the rail system costs 4 million Euros for maintenance. This figure will come out of our pocket. This is not the loss of the citizen. While 4 million Euros are standing on one side, the citizens over 65 are getting on a lot, wow sir, students are listed as if they prefer dolmus instead of the rail system. Municipalities have been created because they are responsible for providing the cheapest transportation and the cheapest social facilities. If the citizen benefits from these services in the cheapest way, we have a commercial profit. Municipalities are not commercial spaces. The welfare of the citizen is written in the bottom line. You say you hurt, you publish a daily newspaper. We already have enough press in Samsun, we receive the news via mobile phones. What is the cost of this tram newspaper? Are we printing in your own facilities? Is another place printing? Who is advertising this newspaper? What are their relations with the municipality? We are curious about the answers to these questions. When we talk about them, we say many times that we do not object to services. It's a different thing to warn. ”
CHP Assembly Member Mustafa Tüfek also participated in the discussion. Stating that the rifle SAMULAŞ is not managed well and that the Metropolitan Municipality should make good calculations in this regard, “SAMULAŞ was said to have lost 2014 million 1 thousand liras in its 500 balance sheet. We need to question SAMULAŞ. It is necessary to examine why it hurts. Even new routes have been announced. If this rail system will go to Tekkeköy on May 19, the municipality has to make important calculations. It will determine whether it will harm or profit. ”
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Çakır announced that the daily tram newspaper has an annual cost of 315 thousand liras and income of 415 thousand liras. Çakır, who did not answer any other question about the newspaper, said, “There was a wrong perception that people over 65 will be paid. The law states that it will be moved for free. Passenger traffic over the age of 65 is reflected in the passenger traffic of the rail system by 6 percent. In Atakum, Atakent and Kurupelit, the streets were placed on the back streets. This contributes to the rail system in terms of passengers. It is said that there is a 4 million Euro maintenance and repair costs, this is the truth. Even your vehicle has periodic maintenance after a certain km. At the point of loss, SAMULAŞ pays the municipality 950 thousand liras per month. When we look at the total, there is no damage. “He spoke.

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