Forgotten items on the tram in Samsun are delivered to the owners

The items forgotten on the tram in Samsun are delivered to their owners: The items that the citizens traveling on the trams of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Rail Transportation System (SAMULAŞ) have forgotten, continue to surprise.
From utensils to mobile phones, suits to ID cards and credit cards, a wide variety of trams are forgotten. The items kept by the security officers to keep the items, waiting for their owners. SAMULAŞ Inc. General Directorate, the items forgot to find their owners' is'published on the website.
Samsun Project, which has been established within the body of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, brings the quality to the public transportation system. The General Directorate of SAM (SAMULAŞ) brings together the transportation of tramways with comfort and confidence. SAMULAŞ A.Ş, which is one of the most important mass transportation vehicles of modern cities, makes enjoyable journeys. On the trams that serve on the Gar-university junction route, SAMULAŞ A.Ş, which carries out meticulous work on the citizens' safety as well as forgotten items, is trying to hand over the items forgotten with carelessness and distrust. For this institution ' is'company constantly updating the internet address, waiting to find the owners to publish forgotten items.
SAMULAŞ Support Services Manager İbrahim Şahin, who gave information about forgotten items, said that if they found their name, address or phone number, they would reach the owners themselves. Sahin who stated that they do not have identity or contact information on the web site of the institution, Ondokuz Mayis University Hearing Impaired Education 3. Graduated student Mehmet Basan's laptop computer thanks to the site said they had handed over to him. Sahin, lost goods in the event that they apply to the passengers SAMULAŞ A.Ş.
Ibrahim Sahin, the Director of Support Services, said that only the 350 of the forgotten items were delivered to the owners and that the others were kept in the warehouse. Şahin, especially the new generation of mobile phones and notebooks to get forgotten items on the tram that attracts attention to the owners immediately, said: "Especially the next generation of mobile phones, notebooks and computers, forgotten citizens in a few days to get lost by the items but the old pocket phone or old items are not very much forgotten. We store the goods in our warehouse not less than 1 years. Most of pots, plates, mobile phones, suits, credit cards and ID cards are forgotten in rail system vehicles, hats, wallets, textbooks, glasses, health report card, umbrella, bicycle, toys, gold rings are some of the forgotten items. 5 2 500 goods were brought to the lost goods office during the XNUMX years when the tramways were operating. Tram

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