A School in Samsun Read a Book on the Tram

A school in Samsun has read a book on the tram: Ayvacık Anatolian Multi-Program High School has organized a book reading activity on the tram within the scope of the project "reading is free" in order to enjoy reading books.
30 students from Ayvacik Anatolian Multi-Program High School read the book on the tram.
School teachers with the School Director of Ayvacık Anatolian Multi-Program High School attended the event together with Ali YILDIZ. Students and teachers take the necessary attention to the subject of reading during the 1 hour 10 hour-long tram journeys and to encourage the community to read
Muhammet Ali Yildiz, the School Director who provided information about the project, said, kitap With this project, we aim to conduct a group book reading activity where young people spend a lot of time with the groups chosen from our students. In this way, we aimed to bring the pleasure of reading books to the young people through a latent learning as well as reading a book which is an unpopular activity, that is, to create a positive perception of reading activities and to make reading a favorite activity by combining the desire to spend time outside of the students with a popular activity. For this purpose, on the 24.10.2014 date, we organized a reading event on the ship 'Samsunum 2' of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which started to operate in Samsun Ayvacık. In addition, in the history of 15.01.2015 in Samsun, we performed a reading activity on the tramway of the Big City Municipality. Apart from that, we are planning to do reading activities in Salıpazarı, Piazza Shopping Mall, Samsunum 1 ship, Samsun East Park and West Park. Samulaş A.Ş. Thank you Sevilay GERMİ, Operation Manager. Operasyon
With this project, we hope to attract the necessary attention to the subject of reading and to inspire young people to read. In addition, we aim to increase the rate of reading and the culture of reading the young people in Ayvacık.


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