Number of Passengers on the Samsun Ropeway

Samsun Teleferik Line Increases the Number of Passengers: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, public transport to ease the burden of transportation modern transportation comfort metrobus announced that the construction continues.

The investments and services offered to increase the comfort of travel in the city public transportation system, satisfy the citizens.

While modernization of public transportation was continuing, Samsun Project Transportation, established under the Metropolitan Municipality, explained the comparative statistics about the number of passengers carried by tram and bus. The resulting data revealed that the society provided positive and favorable service.

A modern light rail public transport system to the city kazanThe people of Samsun started to travel with the comfort of the tram in October 2001, with the long struggle of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, which took action in 2010 to Every year, the number of passengers increasing day by day, 16 trams were not able to meet the needs, and 5 more were purchased. While 21 trams are operating at full capacity, Samulaş A.Ş has put into operation 41 fully equipped express buses both to the tram stops and on the Atatürk Boulevard route between Belediye Evleri Junction and University. Today, Samulaş is happy to realize the majority of the urban passenger traffic with these two modern transports. The Metropolitan Municipality continues its investments rapidly to expand the ease of transportation in urban passenger transportation. On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the construction of the preferred road route between the Tekkeköy Junction and the Shell Junction, on the other hand, is preparing the plans and projects to extend the rail system line.


While preferential road and rail system additional line works are underway, Samulaş Inc. General Directorate announces the passenger transport figures of 2013-2014 with tram, express and ring bus. According to passenger figures using these public transportation systems, interest in all three public transport vehicles is increasing. According to statistics, the two most important reasons why trams and buses have attracted great interest in recent years are that they have modern and comfortable vehicles and a punctual operation system. According to statistical figures from the tram station xnumx't to 2013 21 million passengers boarding 17 343 thousand, this figure was xnumx't to 963 million 2014 18 thousand people. In 578, most passengers with the 93 2013 1 688 863 2014 passenger in March, while the 1 811 165 2013 3 thousand people in December was moved. 269 585 41 56 2014 5 people in the number of passengers, 118 921 2013 363 698 2014 thousand people became the number of 561. 624 thousand 2013 people in 68 by bus with the highest passenger November, 769'den 2014 thousand 285 people moved in May. The number of those who ride a cable car also increased, xnumx't cable car from the 426 2013 thousand people, while xnumx't to 33 684 thousand people took advantage. 2014 66 557 2 1 234 130 1 849 336 216 657 XNUMX XNUMX In comparison with the year XNUMX the number of passengers tram ride XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX million people, while the number of passengers in transportation bus ride XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX million and the number of people traveling by cable car was announced that XNUMX XNUMX thousand people increases.

The most modern public transportation system of the tram to the service of the people of Samsun to the service that they are happy to express the Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, the success of the system of the life of the people and quality of life is connected to the service as a service. Mayor Yilmaz said, og We moved the old vegetable fruit and bus station to a new location and built a modern bus station. The source we obtained from the sale of the old bus station and the new bus station encouraged us for the rail system project we planned to increase the welfare of the people. Immediately we started this project by projecting and bidding. As a result, our city has a rail system which is a modern transportation model. In addition, our city has a modern bus station, vegetable fruit and shopping center. At the point we arrived, the railway tramway transport has changed and adopted the vision of our city. The number of passengers shows that it will increase further in the future. The number of trains reaching the 5 by the new tram 21 will force the capacity and add to it if it is insufficient. The interest in the interiors of modern and modern buses along with the tram shows that we are doing the right thing for our people. Tram

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