Road Safety Action Plan Coordination Board Meeting

Road Safety Action Plan Coordination Board Meeting: tüm Road Traffic Safety Strategy and Action Plan tüm organized in Adana under the chairmanship of Governor Mustafa Büyük, lı Road Safety Action Plan Coordination Board Eylem meeting, the problems and solutions to the traffic problems were discussed in full detail.
Governor Mustafa Büyük, as well as Metropolitan Municipality, Provincial Security Directorate, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Çukurova University, Science and Technology University, Provincial Office of Mufti, Transportation Regional Directorate, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Provincial Health Directorate, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Science, Provincial Directorate of Industry and Technology, Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies, Türk Kızılayı Adana Branch, Highways 57. In the meeting attended by the Branch Chief and the Presidency of the Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Association, it was emphasized that it is of great importance that results-oriented studies are carried out by all relevant institutions and organizations in the prevention of traffic accidents.
Governor Büyük, who provided the keynote speech of the meeting in which he discussed what can be done and the measures to be taken in order to prevent traffic accidents and loss of life, said: “The purpose of these meetings is to carry out the cooperation between the institutions and organizations in order to prevent traffic accidents and to implement the action plan and the decisions we have made successfully. . As the Board, we follow all the stages of the action plan meticulously. the most important wish is to eliminate the problems we are discussing today and to minimize the accidents. bugün
Expressing that the rules of traffic should be adopted and fully implemented by all, Governor Büyük pointed out that the problems and complaints about traffic in everyday life should be eliminated by all segments of society.
Road Safety Action Plan Coordination Board meeting continued with the evaluation of the opinions and suggestions expressed by the participants.

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