Helicopter Skiing Begins in Rizenin Ayder Plateau

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Heli-skiing: ski sport hhelikopterl the Kaçkar Mountains Heliski has become central in Turkey, it begins to entertain the fans at the end of this month. This year, the majority of the group of athletes will be German athletes who will come to the Kaçkars for the first time and who previously lived in Russia and Georgia.

Heliski sport, which has been held for 8 years in Ayder Plateau and Kaçkar Mountains of Çamlıhemşin District, starts at the end of January. Rize Governorship Provincial Sports Tourism Board gave license to Kunet tourism company, which applied for Heliksi sport this year. The company, which started working in the region, started to receive reservations in Turkey and abroad for its helix, which will start in Ayder Plateau with two helicopters. German athletes who previously preferred Russia and Georgia for Heliski sports will come to Kaçkars with the connection established for the first time this year. Nearly 200 sportsmen from Germany, Japanese, Swedish and French skiers, applied for Heliski. Alaska, Canada and the Alps with helix made in sports Kaçkars per person for a week in Turkey who want to experience the thrill of enjoying the attraction 10-15 thousand euros. Heliski organizer Şenol Kılıç stated that the Heliksi organization will start at the end of the month in Kaçkarlar where the snow condition is at its best.

"From the center position of the helix sports and Kackar mountains in Turkey Ayder ready for this organization. Snow level is very good. All our connections are ok. Heliski activity will begin with two helicopters. This year we will host German athletes for the first time. Germans used to prefer Russia and Georgia. This year they will be our guests. "


Rize Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Ismail Hocaoglu, last 8 years in the Kaçkar Mountains, including France, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Canada, the United States and Russia, including the 3 thousand athletes come close to recalling the following said:

“Skiers who are taken by helicopter to the summit of the mountains and then slid down the valley and have breathtaking views are experiencing great adrenaline. Our city has reached an important position in terms of winter tourism with this sport. Our city is also mentioned in summer and winter tourism with its Heliski activity. "