Railway Request from Efeler City Council

Rail Request from Efeler City Council: Members of Efeler City Council wanted the 9 kilometer railway line passing through Efeler district to be taken underground.
Efeler City Council President Tuncay Erdemir, said in a statement; Için For the double-line high-speed train that is on the agenda again today, it is clear that passing a second line through Efeler district where 265 thousand people live and the application of high-speed train will increase the division of the district, traffic interruption, and consequently, the life and property loss we do not want. Although the number of vehicles and pedestrian accidents in the level crossings are rare, the number of districts and the increasing number of vehicles and the increasing number of vehicles due to 1970 thousand population and vehicle density at the level crossings are limited. Due to the number of railroads passing through the city naturally crossing the level crossings have led to an increase in vehicle and pedestrian accidents. The length of the railway passing through the administrative and residential borders of Efeler district is approximately 40 kilometers. In fact, 9 acres of land within the city remain within the railway area. There are approximately eight level crossings and two overpasses. Every year, dozens of citizens lose their lives with the average 180 train accident. ”
Erdemir, who wanted the railway line to be underground, said, “For this reason, the railroad that will pass through Efeler district is under the Bosphorus, under the Bosphorus-like subway project in other big cities. mandatory and necessary. In this way, the division of the district will be terminated during the urban transition and accidents that will result in loss of life and property in the level crossings will be prevented. As a result of the technical evaluation, approximately 9 kilometers of excavation and reinforced concrete will be included in the line, starting from the DSI Regional Directorate, in the existing railway station in the district with the underground passage and subway stops similar underground download and overlap platforms were built, the cold way is the same way will continue on the route by going down to the ground and climbing to earth with a slope in front of Yılmazköy ASTİM OSB. The additional cost of the project is estimated at 600 million TL. Expropriation problems will not arise as the land to be taken into the underground during the urban transition belongs to TCDD. With this one-time expenditure, the city will have a final solution and the foundations of a modern and livable city will be laid. ”

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