Toptaş'dan Minister Elvan'a Ankara-Izmir Motorway Related Questions Proposal

Toptaş'dan Minister Elvan Ankara-Izmir Motorway Question about the Resolution: CHP Afyonkarahisar deputy Ahmet Toptaş, Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan to be answered in writing by the "Ankara-Izmir Motorway", passing through Afyonkarahisar asked if it would go.
Turkey Grand National Assembly (Parliament) gave the Toptaş reminiscent of the urban agenda kept busy for days on the highway parliamentary question, the Minister wanted to clarify the issue by Elvan. Toptaş gave the following statements in his motion:
Is How many vehicles pass through Özdilek, İkbal and Kolaylı regions from the intersection point of Afyonkarahisar provinces?
When will Ankara-Izmir highway tender be made? How many years will this highway be finished? How many sections of this highway will be made? How much will the total cost? How many kilometers will Ankara-Izmir highway pass to Afyonkarahisar Center? Ankara-Izmir Motorway, Emirdag, Bolvadin, Iscehisar, Bayat, Ihsaniye, Tea, Sultandagi, Şuhut districts will run away from kilometers? Ankara-Izmir Motorway, Sinanpasa, Sandikli, Dinar, Basmakci, Evciler, Hocalar, Kızılören, Dazkırı districts will run away from the distance? How many kilometers will this highway pass to Zafer Airport in Altıntaş district? Due to the intersection of Afyonkarahisar, thermal tourism investments and tradesmen on the existing route will be victimized. Therefore, the Ankara-Izmir highway and the area of ​​the thermal zone with the easiest-Iqbal-Ozdilek junction is likely to be disabled? It is observed that Ankara-İzmir Highway project was performed in Afyon-Afyonkarahisar bay-bass in EIA report. Will you change this project during the procurement process? Or will you ask the people of Afyonkarahisar after the highway tender? Yoksa

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