Ski Federation President Erol Mehmet Yarar is in Ardahan

Ski Federation President Erol, Mehmet Benefits, Ardahan: Turkey Ski Federation President Erol, Mehmet Benefits, Ardahan Governor of Ardahan came at the invitation of Ahmet Deniz Yalnızçam Ugurludag Ski and observations in the Wild Lake.

It is aimed to make the Yalnızçam Uğurludağ Ski Center, which has a chair lift line, ski slope, accommodation hotel and restaurant, more active and to be opened to tourism. kazanThe President of the Ski Federation, Yarar, who came to Ardahan at the invitation of the Governor Deniz, made examinations at the Ski Center together with the Governor Deniz and the Mayor Faruk Köksoy. After the examinations, ideas were exchanged on what to do in order to use the Ski Center more effectively and to attract tourists.

The President of the Skiing Federation, Mr. Yarar, Governor Ahmet Deniz, Ardahan Mayor Faruk Köksoy, Deputy Governor Deniz Pişkin, Çıldır District Governor Tamer Kılıç and Çıldır Mayor Yakup Azizoglu also found investigations in Lake Çıldır. In the interviews conducted after the investigations, what kind of activities can be opened especially in terms of winter tourism, the tourism potentials of the region and the activities that can be done in order to revive tourism in the region were discussed.

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