Arifiye Pendik Commuter Expeditions Started Passenger Less

arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line
arifiye izmit pendik between new suburb line

Commuter flights began, passengers less: Suburban Arifiye Pendik between 1 Since February 2012 commuter train services, which have not been made, have restarted as of today. The number of passengers on the first day was quite low.

Due to the high-speed train operation 1 February 2012 has not been made since the commuter train service, as of today, restarted. The number of passengers was quite low for the first time. In the morning, the number of passengers departing from Izmit was only 20. Commuter trains will stop at Pendik, Gebze, Izmit, Sapanca and Arifiye stations for now. In the middle of this year, the Bay, Derince, Büyükderbent, and in the 2016 year Diliskelesi, Tavşancıl, Hereke, Kırkikievler and Köseköy stations will be added to the stations where the suburban train will stop.


Pendik-Arifiye journey with commuter train will take 70 minutes. The exact ticket price for this route is 16 TL. was determined. The full ticket was determined as 10 TL for Izmit-Pendik and 8.50 TL for Arifiye-Izmit. Ticket prices were quite high on the citizens side. Every day, commuter train will move from Xiaomi 07.01-07.56-15.41 and 19.31 to Izmit and from Izmit to Arifiye by 08.52-09.47-18.07-21.17. Moving watches from Pendik 08.05-09.00-17.20-20.30. The departure times from Arifiye to Pendik direction were determined as 06.30-07.25-15.10 and 19.00. The 400 will be able to travel with 1000 passenger trains on the 6 wagon. Transportation from Arifiye to Adapazarı Adaray will be provided from Pendik to other parts of Istanbul by Marmaray and metro.





    1. Of course it will be less. What will happen if the train goes to Pendik? Let Haydarpaşa open, see if there is a seat on those trains… Train was the greatest comfort of Marmara. It was like medicine for people with low income. Now if you travel by bus, worry about it, separate if you do it by train… The bus doesn't stop anywhere other than Harem, the train goes beyond Pendik. Nothing but tormenting people was destroying the old system ..