Passengers on the high-speed train reacted (Video)

Passengers Trapped in the High Speed ​​Train Reacted to the Situation: Passengers who came to the situation reacted to the situation by changing 4,5 trains every 9 hours on the 3-hour road. He was stuck for 2,5 hours. Passengers were transported by the new train sent from Ankara.
Moving from Konya to Istanbul at 06.10, the High Speed ​​Train arrived in Eskişehir with an approximate 1,5 time delay due to adverse weather conditions in the region. The train, which was waiting for a while, stopped suddenly after the 15 minute, near the village of Okbulalı in the İnönü district. About 300 passengers in the specified train, due to the failure due to the expected wait around 2,5 hours.
The UAV correspondent said that the train passengers had been told that they had a power outage first, but later on there was a fault in the train. While the incident caused fear and panic among passengers, a new train was sent to the region from Ankara. Passengers were transferred to the train reaching the region via the other line.
Passengers who came by changing the 4,5-hour road by 9 trains in 3 hours reacted to the situation. YHT, moving from Konya to Istanbul at 06.10, broke down in Eskişehir. The train reached Istanbul with a delay of about 5 hours. Passengers who reached Istanbul by changing three trains rebelled.
A passenger explaining that they lived at the exit of Pendik Gar said, “We went out as a 4-hour road, we have been on the road for 9,5 hours. No explanation has been given to us. It was said that there is a malfunction. We changed three trains until we arrived. We came last with the black train. We bought a high-speed train ticket, we came by land train. There are also those who kidnapped their planes, the child was devastated. ” Another passenger said, “We have been on the road since 06.00:2 in the morning. The train failed in Eskişehir. We were on the road for about 9 hours. Then another train came to Adapazarı. We came from there with another train. We reached Istanbul in XNUMX hours, ”he said.




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