Palandökende Jak Teams Exercise Breath

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Exercise of Palandöken Jake Team Breath Cut: Turkey's leading Palandöken in the winter season in the Ski 24 hours working on the basis of the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams, cut almost breathing with the fact that not search and rescue exercise.

In the Palandöken Ski Center, JAK teams, which served as a continent against possible crashes and rescue events, carried out a rescue exercise of the rescue of a stranded citizen, rescue of two tourists who were stranded in a chairlift, and rescue of two skiers at a peak.

The first exercise in Palandöken southern ski resort due to a person stranded in the ski lift and the danger of freezing was reported to be JAK teams, the area immediately overland vehicles were transferred by jet skis. The stranded citizen was rescued by ropes by expert JAK teams.

In an avalanche exercise, the search and rescue dog 'Gurbet' identified two tourists under the avalanche. After the location was determined, the JAK teams reached the two tourists under the avalanche by removing them from the snow and bringing them to the hospital.

In the last drill, two skiers who had a skiing accident at the summit of Palandöken were first lowered by JAK teams with a stretcher. Then the stretchers were connected to the back of the jet and 112 emergency ambulance was taken.

The three drills were watched with interest by local and foreign tourists on holiday in Palandöken.

JAK teams, on the other hand, said the 122 incident occurred in Palandöken this year in the winter season, with the exception of the drill, and 97 was wounded and 25 was rescued.