Fashion Ski and Kartepe

Now Moda Kayak and Kartepe: The snow thickness in Kartepe has reached 3 meters… The malfunctions on the ski slope have been resolved at the last minute ...

After snowing in Kocaeli for 4 days, the snow thickness yesterday and the snow thickness at the peak of Kartepe at an altitude of 1850 increased to 3 meters. The ski slopes of Green Park Resort Hotel, which is located just below the summit, were opened after the electrical malfunction was resolved.


In Kocaeli region, the sun showed itself as the heavy snowfall left the region due to the bad weather conditions in Kocaeli University as well as primary and secondary schools. However, there are still about 1 meter of snow in the city's residential areas, which are just a few hundred meters high. Kartepe, which is the highest part of the Samanlı mountains with the peak of 1850 meters, has received a lot of precipitation this year compared to Uludağ and Kartalkaya.


As of yesterday, snow depth was measured as 3 meters and 1650 centimeters in the area where Green Park Resort Hotel, located at an altitude of 2 meters and 55 meters at the summit, and the ski slopes. Skiing enthusiasts started to flock to Kartepe especially since the previous morning, as transportation was very comfortable with the melting of ice on the road leading to Kartepe, when the snow stopped and the sun showed itself. Hotel officials said they expect a high density.


Green Park Resort Hotel General Manager Önder Sikıcıoğlu stated that this year, there was more snow in Kartepe compared to other ski centers, “According to the information we have received, there is more snow than other ski centers. Unfortunately, there were power cuts in this region yesterday. The poles were overturned because there was too much snow. For this reason, we could not open our ski tracks. The energy problem was completely eliminated and we opened our tracks. Our occupancy rate is 80 percent now. However, we expect the occupancy rate to rise to XNUMX percent from tomorrow. ”