New highway from Esenboğadan to Kazana

The new highway from Esenboğa to Kazan: Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, attended the meeting held by Birlik Foundation in Ankara.
Speaking at the meeting, Elvan stated that an additional runway will be built at Esenboğa Airport. Explaining that they are considering a highway project that will reach Kazan directly from Esenboğa, Elvan noted that they are trying to determine the route of the metro that will serve between the airport and the city center. Minister Elvan said:
“We will build an additional runway at Esenboğa Airport. Therefore, Esenboğa Airport will come to a more comfortable location. Those who come to the airport from Çankırı and Kastamonu direction and those who want to reach the airport and go to Istanbul normally use the inner city or the ring road. We are considering a direct line from Esenboğa Airport to Kazan. Because that line will both relieve the traffic of Ankara and enable the passengers there to transfer directly to the Istanbul line without entering Ankara traffic, there is a metro line construction from the airport to the center of Ankara. We did the project work for this, we were working on its route, more precisely, we have two different routes, we will choose one of them, ”he said.

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