The cafeteria was burned in the Muscat ski resort

The cafeteria in the Muşta ski center was burned: It was alleged that the cafeteria in the Muş Ski Center near the village of Güzeltepe was burned by breaking glass and pouring gasoline inside.

It was alleged that the windows of the cafeteria operating in the ski center in Muş were broken and burned by spilling gasoline.

According to information received, unidentified people coming to the region of the ski facilities, facilities in the cafeteria section of the facilities broke the windows of gasoline poured and burned.

The fire department that came to the scene upon being informed of the situation, the fire extinguished, the cafeteria section became unusable.

Business owner Seyfettulah Olcay, told reporters, the loss of 200 thousand pounds, stating that the investigation will occur after the responsible, he said.

Olcay told that the fire was reported to him in the facilities late at night and that he went to the area immediately by informing the fire department. 1,5 said that after the hourly intervention, the fire was taken under control.

Olcay said, “In the controls made after the fire was extinguished, it was revealed that the attackers burned by pouring gasoline inside after breaking the glass. Because we found a few gas bottles at the scene. Sabotage occurred as a result of these symptoms. In the coming days, the perpetrators of the incident will be detected from the surrounding security cameras.

After a month of renovation work in the facilities and after the snowfall only two days after the service they transfer Olcay, emphasizing that it is not possible to reinstate the facility by their own means, the governor said if the support could start the restoration.


Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:03

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