Skiing in Muscat

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Muşlu Skiers Rebellion: The problems of the Mus Ski Center, which was allegedly littered with gasoline poured into service about a week ago, do not end. Ski resort facilities and ski slopes, which do not do the necessary work by the ski lovers, the authorities reacted to remain insensitive.

The citizens, who claimed that the snow was not sufficiently crushed with the snowtrak (snow crushing machine) on the ski slope, came together with the telescope and tried to make their voices heard. Ömer Değirmen, one of the ski lovers who invited the officials to the task, said that if the insensitivity continues, they will walk to the government mansion. Claiming that the problem has not been solved in spite of the fact that the problem has been mentioned many times, Değirmen said: “We, ski lovers here, should say stop it. We call our local government and our local chief for duty. We have so many ski lovers, but our ski facility man is not working smart. There has been no improvement, even though we have been saying this and saying it for so long. Is there a profit in our country? While people are so hungry for nature and skiing, we cannot take advantage of any possibility. If this continues, we will walk with friends until the Governor's Office. We are all fond of skiing here. We feel sorry when we come here. This runway needs to be beaten, we call the officials on duty. ”

Ski resort operator Seyfetullah Olcay stated that the ski center cafeteria, which was burned by pouring gasoline at night on January 5, is still unusable. Olycay said, “This place was swaddled at 01.00 last night on Monday last week. Cafeteria section has become unusable due to arson. The administrative section at the top of the cafeteria was put into service within 48 hours, using all facilities of the state. But we are tenants in the cafeteria and this is the public domain and we are tenants. Governor, Provincial Directorate of Youth did not even have questions about 'how do we open the cafeteria'. ” He spoke in the form.