Traditional Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort Tour from Metro Travel

Traditional Ilgaz Mountain Ski Resort Tour from Metro Travel: In recent years, when both government and private sector tourism investments are among the priorities of our country and the whole world tourism and holiday lovers, Metro Travel has increased its target ...

Every year, by the Metro Travel Black Sea Regional Directorate, Ilgaz mountain ski resort tours will be held in cooperation with Balkan Turks Samsun Association this year. Regional manager Defne Figen Aslan D Metro Travel to all over Turkey and to foreign tourists in our country during the winter season. experience, facilities, comfort and economic for our customer satisfaction without compromising on our way to continue. said.

Regional Manager Aslan, referring to the importance of Ilgaz ski center, said the following. “As I mentioned at the beginning, due to the increase in state and private sector investments in recent years, we are comfortable with alternative and preference points. First, trust, activity options are; this is very important and enables our customers to have a short vacation under economic conditions. We will carry out our one-day excursion program with the members of Samsun Balkan Turks Association in the last week of January. I would like to express that from here, we do not seek the condition of being a member of the association who wants to join our tour. I can already say from Samsun and the surrounding provinces that there will be intense participation in this tour. said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:01

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