The first dig for the Mersin-Adana high-speed train line will be hit this month

The first digging for the Mersin-Adana high-speed train line will be hit this month: Transport, Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan made important statements in the television program he attended. Minister Elvan answered Mehmet Acet's questions regarding the agenda and the work of the ministry in the "Capital Tower" program on Channel 7.
Elvan, Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Eskisehir, Konya-Istanbul lines, said they did not do any harm, said:
“We will give more weight to railways, especially from this year. If you look at the amount of allowance we have already allocated for the railways, we will see this very clearly. We foresee an investment of 2015 billion lira in 9, which started from a few billion lira. The amount of allowance we will allocate to railways in 2016 will be more than the amount we will allocate to highways. Our priority will change. As of today, 12 different roads worth approximately 60 billion liras are ready for opening. We have dozens of tunnel openings, again highways and divided road openings. But it is not very possible for us to go to all of them, maybe we can think of a collective opening. "
Another important project of ours, I would like to mention it. Our high-speed train line connecting Istanbul to Kapıkule and to Kapıkule via Edirne. We will be bidding for this in 2015. We are completing the high speed train line between Konya and Karaman in 2015. We are starting the construction works of the section from Karaman to Mersin-Adana. I hope we will hit Mersin-Adana's high-speed train construction dig this month. All tender work is finished, the contract has been signed. Starting from Adana, we will have the tenders of Adana-Osmaniye, Osmaniye-Gaziantep, Gaziantep-Şanlıurfa lines in 2015. In the East-Southeast, we descend from Gaziantep to Şanlıurfa. After Şanlıurfa, we will take this high-speed train to Habur. We have a project like this for the Black Sea. From Samsun to Çorum, from Çorum to Yozgat Yerköy, from Yozgat Yerköy to Kırşehir, from Kırşehir to Aksaray, from Aksaray to Ulukışla, Mersin and Adana. In other words, we will connect Samsun and the Black Sea with the Mediterranean by high speed train. "

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