The most convenient transportation system to Malatya Trambüs

Trambus, the most convenient transportation system for Malatya: In the news published in some press media recently, it is claimed that as a result of the lawsuit filed by a political party for the cancellation of Trambus, the court decided to suspend the execution and cancel the tender.
In recent years, the increase in both population and the number of vehicles has caused intensification of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in the city center and thus brought up a number of measures and new projects in urban transportation.
Although the bus fleet, which provides urban transportation by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality after the 2009, has been upgraded and renewed by 70, the increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic has brought up alternative public transportation vehicles.
As a result of R & D studies taking into account the growth and development data of Malatya, research and analysis were carried out on 4 system related to public transportation and finally it was decided in Trambus which is considered to be the most suitable system for Malatya.
Only one firm that complied with the conditions of the tender for the international tender was awarded. The Trambus project carried out by a local company will provide safe, comfortable and fast transportation to Malatya, with fuel savings of up to 75. This project, which is extremely important for Malatya city transportation, has been unfortunately made by some people and a court has been taken for cancellation of the project.
As alleged in the news, the court did not decide to cancel the project. The Malatya Administrative Court decided to refuse this request. Subsequently, the applicant objected to the Malatya Regional Administrative Court and the objection of the plaintiff was rejected by the Malatya Regional Administrative Court. (2013 / 650 Basis and 2014 / 250 decision number)
In the court decision “ında. Therefore, there is no violation of the public interest and service requirements and law in the contract signed with the purpose of ensuring transparency, competition, equal treatment, credibility, public control, meeting the requirements in due time and on time and ensuring the efficient use of resources. Dolayısıyla
Tambüs, which will be a new breath to the transportation of our Malatya, will be offered to our citizens in a short time.
It will be publicly honored.
• Thanks to the development of hybrid engines, it provides more sustainable transportation than other systems.
• Tram-bus vehicles are preferred because of the high rise of fossil fuel costs and not foreseeing future (price stability, reserve shortage and external dependence).
• There will be no power failure due to the electric feeding system ring system.
• In case of power failure such as accident, disaster and power failure, replacement diesel or battery powered motor (hybrid motor) will be activated and vehicles can continue their journey.
• The infrastructure cost is much lower than the rail system.
• High passenger capacity. (8000-10000 in one direction in one hour)
• 75 has a lower fuel cost than diesel fuel. (One-fourth fuel cost)
• There is no dependence on the electric vehicle. Therefore, the cost of fuel in the long run price stability.
• It is the most suitable electric public transportation system since the physical structures of the roads in our city are not suitable for the rail system.
• The width of our roads and the natural structure of our city (road slopes, etc.) makes it impossible to transport the light rail system in public transport with diesel vehicles.
• Tram-bus; has higher climbing power on inclined roads.
• It is more comfortable and safe thanks to the take-off power on icy roads.
• It is safer due to its high braking power on high roads. In addition, energy conversion is provided by braking energy.
• The life of tram-bus vehicles is twice the life of diesel vehicles.
• Tram-buses are green vehicles. It does not pollute the environment with zero emission and has the lowest noise level compared to all other public transport vehicles.
• The cost of maintenance of tram-bus vehicles is much lower than for diesel vehicles. (Lower by% 40)
• The rear wheels have high maneuverability. Therefore, it is also preferred in narrow and curvy roads.
• System can be opened and opened in a shorter time than rail systems.
The tram-bus system, which is widely used throughout the world, is used abroad in the 363 province.
64 province in Eastern Europe, 4482 vehicle in Western Europe, 48 province in Western Europe, 1893 vehicle, 189 province in Eurasia, 26666 vehicle,
9 province in North America, 1926 vehicle,
13 province 828 vehicle in South America,
1 province, 60 vehicle in Australia,
39 is used in 4810 province and 363 vehicles are used in 40.665 province.

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