Ladik junction overpass problem is solved

Overpass problem of Ladik intersection is being solved Work has begun for Ladik intersection, which has caused accidents, injuries and deaths many times in Sarayönü. A transit overpass will be built at the Ladik junction on the Konya-Afyon highway, which connects Sarayönü, Ladik and other neighborhoods with Konya and other provinces.
Work continues rapidly for the Ladik intersection overpass, which is one of the important problems in Sarayönü. The overpass project, which Sarayönü Mayor Nafiz Solak follows closely and follows closely, will be implemented in line with the instructions of the Minister of Transport and Journalism, Lütfü Elvan.
Within the scope of the works that gained momentum in line with the instructions of Transport Minister Lütfü Elvan, a sample development plan was prepared and sent to Sarayönü Municipality. The overpass, which will be under construction in the coming days, will be put out to tender by the Highways after passing the approval of Konya Metropolitan Municipality.
An important problem will be solved with the construction of the overpass that will appeal to 27 thousand 100 people living in Sarayönü and all citizens using the Konya-Afyon highway, which has a strategic importance in transportation. Every day, thousands of vehicles pass by, Turkey's eastern and western combining the Konya-Afyon highway, a major road junction in Ladik which will be held on the upper walkway, traffic will flow endlessly. In addition, frequent traffic accidents and deaths will be prevented.
For the realization of this important project, Mayor Nafiz Solak of Sarayönü had previously talked with Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan through the deputy Ayşe Türkmenoğlu and took the floor for Ladik overpass. 17 At the December Şeb-i Arus ceremony, President Solak, who once again had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Transport Lütfi Elvan, met for the acceleration of overpass works.
Making a statement on the subject, Sarayönü Mayor Nafiz Solak said, “We previously worked on the overpass planned to be built in Ladik. It is obvious how necessary an overpass to this area. We conveyed the numerical data about the road to our Minister, Lütfi Elvan. As a municipality, we have previously sent the feasibility study, which includes the number of vehicles passing by the road and the number of accidents by years, to the ministry. A team appointed by the ministry carried out work on the intersection. With the instruction given by our minister, the proceedings were accelerated. After the sample plan coming from the highways is processed for development, it will be made ready for the tender with the approval of the Metropolitan Municipality. After the zoning application, Highways will put out a tender and tender the construction of the overpass. I would like to thank our deputy Ayşe Türkmenoğlu and our Minister, Lütfi Elvan, who was closely interested in us ”.



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