Konya-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train10 hours Not both winter conditions

10 hours by Konya-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train. Not because of the winter conditions: Everywhere is white, abundance for some, afaat for some. There is no question of the wisdom of Allah Almighty. But yesterday, aside from the "cries for help" coming from Organize, Kunduracılar, "the lockdown of the Metropolitan", the most bombing event we heard was coming from the Konya-Istanbul high speed train.
Yes, what is the pain of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, our fellow Minister of Transportation Mr. Lütfi Elvan, and the government where the opening of the cabinet as yesterday, where the opening of the Konya-Istanbul high-speed train line, Konya-Istanbul train on Tuesday 10 per hour And the painful thing about this case is that this crap is not from the snowman type, but from the electricity shortage in that car. What's more, other trains come and go past them in this wagon that offspring children are miserable. I'm gonna tell you, and the authorities will be very angry with us. When the high-speed train stopped, these passengers moved from Arifiye to Istanbul. These people were able to go to Istanbul at full 10 hour.
Who do you complain to?
Do you remember when we wrote yesterday?
We now say. Tell Dinar's Band Leader Ali Çavuş “.
Despite all the outstanding work of the city center in the city center, there was great distress especially outside the main arteries. But it was cold but due to technical failure, the tram could not be moved and could not move. Think of the condition of the passengers who have to walk in this cold!

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