KONTROLMATİK; 2007 is a technology company that provides control, communication and computer based products, services and solutions by using its experience and knowledge for transportation and energy sector.
KONTROLMATİK offers integrated system projects in all aspects of system design, design, manufacturing, software, field testing, commissioning, training and maintenance, starting from pre-project consultancy services. In line with the constantly evolving trends, it continues to add the latest innovations related to technology to the new requirements in the world. Together with the addition of new issues, the trained and trained manpower is supported by the management team of KONTROLMATİK.
With the help of our test, measurement and control systems we produce for the production, transmission and end-of-life areas of energy, you use both your energy efficiently and help to preserve the naturalness of our world.
- Within the Scope of Energy Production Plants
- SCADA systems
- DCS based systems
- IEC 61850 Solutions
- ICCP Solutions
- Power Quality Analysis
- Warning and Excitation Systems
- Board Solutions up to Form-4B
- Power Plants Under Ancillary Services
- Primary frequency control and recording system
- Secondary frequency control and recording system
- Reactive power control and recording system
- Teiaş communication RTU and OPGW systems
- IEC 60870-5-101 / 103/104 communication systems
- Within the Scope of Network Connection Criteria of Wind Farms
- EK-18 control and control requirements
- Switchyard SCADA system
- Teiaş communication RTU and OPGW systems
- Reactive power support
- Switchyard control
- Hydroelectric Power Plants
- Turbine, AVR, Warning Control
- Switchyard and Regulator Control System
- Facility SCADA System
- Board Solutions up to Form-4B
- Teiaş communication RTU and OPGW systems
- For Energy Transmission Lines
- RTU Based Systems
- TEİAŞ Leased Line and PLC Communication
- 154KV, 380KV ITM Switchyard Automation
- IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-103, IEC 60870-5-104
- IEC 61850 Protection Relay Communication
- For Energy Distribution Lines
- DMS / EMS / DA Solutions
- Transformer Monitoring Systems
- AMR Automatic Meter Reading
- For Energy Consumption Points
- Generator Network Synchronization
- Energy SCADA Systems
- Sudden Load Pickup and Sudden Load Drop Systems
- For Iron and Steel Industry
- Regulation System
- Power Quality
- Metro and Light Rail Systems;
- ECS Environmental Control System (All Mechanical Equipment)
- SCADA System (OG, Traction Power Supply, DC System)
- MCC Panel Design and Manufacturing
- Local Control Panels Design and Manufacturing
- Computer Aided Fluid Mechanics Analysis (CFD)
- Tunnel Ventilation and Smoke Evacuation Systems
- IHK Operating Scenarios and Test Procedures
- Station Fire Scenarios and Test Procedures
- Tunnel Fire Scenarios and Test Procedures
- Tunnel Ventilation System Panel and Automation System Manufacturing
- Tunnel Jet Fan System Panel and Automation System Manufacturing
- Highway Tunnels
- Tunnel Control Center and SCADA System
- Traffic Control and Management System
- Tunnel OG-AG Energy Distribution and Management System
- JETFAN Control and Command System
- Weather and Road Condition Driver Information System
- Communication Infrastructure Systems
- Traffic Signaling System
- Telecontrol and PLC System
- Lighting Automation System
- Computer Aided Fluid Mechanics Analysis (CFD)
- For TCDD Rail Systems
- Electrification System
- RTU System
- Power Quality Solutions
- Protection and Control System
- Telecontrol - Telekomand Center and ICCP
Sample Reference Applications;
Kadıköy Kartal Metro Project
Bus Station Bağcılar Olimpiyatköy LRT and Metro Project
Göçek Highway Tunnel
Zorlu Energy Ankara - Kayseri - Bursa - Lüleburgaz Natural Gas Power Plants RGK System
İÇDAŞ Enerji Çanakkale Biga Thermal Power Plant RGK, PFK, SFK Systems
Anatolian Side Eagle Courthouse
Marmara University Pendik Training and Research Hospital
ORA AVM Trigeneration System
Address: Tekstilkent Koza Plaza A Block No: 11
Esenler / Istanbul
Telephone :
+90 212 659 24 41
+90 212 659 24 81
E-Mail: info@kontrolmatik.com



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