Causes of accidents Highway hypnosis

The cause of the accidents Highway hypnosis: A minor negligence in traffic sometimes causes accidents such as massacres. After many traffic accidents, drivers say the same thing: 'Everything happened at once. I don't remember how it happened. ' Traffic experts explain the reason for these accidents as drowsiness and drowsiness. But this is actually a deadly trance situation. Due to the monotony of the road, the driver's brain goes into a trance, his attention to the road decreases and his reflexes weaken.
Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK) data, according to the xnumx's percent of fatal accidents occur during the day and the driver's first with defects 66 percent. Defective drivers do not need to be overly tired to be asleep or drowsy. If the human mind is exposed to a continuous stimulus, it leaves the stimulant out of the area of ​​attention for some time and becomes distracted against that element. For example, someone who listens to music in the same rhythm constantly focuses on other elements and does not hear music at all. Just like those who live in the houses next to the tram line do not need to pay attention to the ever-increasing tram noise every time they develop insensitivity to the noise of the tram. It's like the brain is going into a trance-like state on the grounds of the monotony of the road. Hypnosis and subconscious change expert Mehmet Başkak, this situation 'highway hypnosis' he says.
If you're going out of the house and going to work from the usual route, sometimes you have used your car in the hypnotic trance state called highway hypnosis if you arrived at your workplace without understanding how it happened. The drivers who drive on the long road are on the straight road, the road lines flowing continuously, the monotony of the road, the conscious attention of the road away from the road and focuses on a dream or an idea. Attention to the road is minimized, the reflexes of the human brain weaken. From the outside, the eyes of the person in the trance are open, but they do not see the rest. A driver in such a situation may notice a truck or an oncoming truck at the last moment, but cannot reveal a series of reflexes that often interfere. According to Mehmet Başkak, this mood is as dangerous as driving or fooling while driving.

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