Kayseri became a tourist city

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Kayseri became a tourism city: Erciyes spent the weekend again ticking. Turkey and around the world over the weekend from different countries opted for Erciyes holiday. While the occupancy rate of the hotels in Erciyes reached 100, the occupancy rate of the hotels in the city center increased due to the interest in Erciyes Winter Tourism Center.

Erciyes, which Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki saw as a development model for Kayseri, started to pay back for the investments made. Turkey and from around the world at the weekend Erciyes, lived in one of the busiest periods in its history. With tens of thousands of people enjoying the pleasure of skiing in Erciyes, Kayseri has started to become a "Tourism City".

The interest in Erciyes, due to this interest in the runways and social facilities filled in the filling rate of hotels in Erciyes'den 100'ya reached the rate. In addition to the hotels in Erciyes, the occupancy rate of the hotels in the city center increased due to Erciyes.
They came to Kayseri for the weekend and enjoyed the tour of Erciyes and praised the service given to them in Erciyes.


One of our citizens who came to Erciyes with his children from Ankara stated that he found Erciyes perfect and said, “Young people know other ski resorts. After discovering Erciyes, they became inseparable from here. The tracks are beautiful. When we arrived last year, we saw that it could not be slipped in other ski resorts because there are snow machines. The passes between the tracks enjoy children. Also, people's approach is very nice. People who are hospitable and who fully reflect our culture. There is human understanding, not commercial. I liked the municipal facilities. I would like to come back again. "The work done is really perfect."

Those who prefer Erciyes for skiing were also from far away. Two young people from the United States and England said that they found Erciyes great.

Erciyes individual or their families as well as those who came to school as well. One of these schools, students from Yozgat-Boğazlıyan İmam Hatip Secondary School came to Erciyes as a day trip and enjoyed the snow. The teachers and students who expressed their appreciation for Erciyes were grateful to those who contributed to the construction of these facilities.

see also different ski centers in Turkey; But there were some who thought that their preferences would be Erciyes from now on. While a couple of snowmen, tracks and mechanical facilities coming from Istanbul are great, another skier said, “I have previously registered in Bursa in Erzurum. There is absolutely no flavor like in Erciyes. Because there is no plan there. You have to get out of one place and slide in the same place. Here you can slide anywhere you want by connecting roads. ”

Yusuf Şenol, who came to Erciyes from Yozgat, said, “We come from Yozgat every week. A great place. Thank you very much to our Mayor. God blessed him for giving us these facilities. ”