The Uncle District Governor is skiing with the little girls

📩 24/11/2018 14:08

Kaymakam uncle is skiing with little children: Yakutiye Governor Ahmet Katırcı organized a free skiing course for children of low-income families in the district. GHSİM and Yakutiye Youth Services and District Directorate support the course 120 students are taught skiing.

Yakutiye District Governorate, Erzurum Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports and Yakutiye District Directorate organized a free skiing course. The free ski course of the Yakutiye District Governorate, organized within the scope of the Socio-Economic Project of Mahallebasi and its environs, started at Konaklı Ski Center. The children of the family were included in the course. Trainers in groups of 120 Erkan Demir, Serkan Demir and Emre Yilmaz.

Yakutiye Governor Ahmet Katırcı, Yakutiye Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Suat Yilmaz visited the ski course. Kaymakam Katırcı, who received information about the ski course works organized free of charge from officials and coaches, conquered the hearts of the tiny students. Experienced children showing close interest to the district governor, ecrüb These children are our everything. These people have the right to learn about skiing in their hometowns of Erzurum as well as people with high levels of income. As part of our social responsibility project, we provide free ski training to the children of families with low incomes from Mahallebaşı and the surrounding areas. I was very touched to see them happy while I was skiing, Onların he said.

The children of low-income families from the Yakutiye district of Erzurum learned how to ski during the intensive half-year break, while the district governor Katırcı said that the national skiers of the future will come out of these children. Katırcı said, Yak We organized a free skiing course for 120 low income children by forcing our conditions and facilities as Yakutiye District Governor. The table I saw made me proud. Well, we've arranged this course. Otherwise, these children would learn how to ski, among these students national skiers, even international athletes will believe in the international arena, '' he said.

Erzurum Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports Fuat Taşkesenligil and district manager Suat Yilmaz said that the great effort for the course Yakutiye Governor Ahmet Katırcı, this kind of significant solidarity of institutions in the youth is very important in terms of stating that students in the district will continue to make gestures he.