Experience the privilege of Avea Prime on your skiing trip

Enjoy the privilege of Avea Prime on your ski holiday: A pleasant ski holiday has started to take its place among the weekend plans of most of us nowadays, when the winter is getting more and the white snow cover is slowly covering us. Our preference for a pleasant ski holiday with its snow quality and exclusive hotels is of course Uludağ or Kartalkaya. Transportation to these two popular ski centers, which are the most preferred with their proximity to Istanbul and Ankara, is much easier this winter with the privilege of Avea Prime. With Avea Prime VIP transfer vehicles, it is possible to reach Kartalkaya and Uludağ from Istanbul and Kartalkaya from Ankara for 50 TL comfortably. To benefit from the service, it is sufficient to call Avea Prime Kartalkaya & Uludağ VIP Transfer Service reservation line at 05070458201. Moreover, Prime customers, who have the right to use the VIP transfer service 6 times during the winter season, on Saturday morning departure and Sunday evening return, can benefit 2 more people with them. Avea Prime, which will appear throughout the winter with its special services and privileges offered to its customers, seems to make a sound in this period as well.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 14:03

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