High slope runways due to fractures in ski learning

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

The reason for the fractures that occur during ski learning is high slope tracks. Fractures and dislocations due to falls especially when skiing require long-term treatment. Experts point out that those who want to learn skiing prefer high places in the adventure, saying, yüksek They can cause crashes due to the fact that they cannot learn the method of skiing, slowing and turning left. Straight runways should be chosen to learn skiing seçil.

Erciyes Ski Center is full of people who want to ski every weekend. It causes sad accidents in those who want to ski together. Almost every week in the ski resort 30-40 people are injured due to falling when learning to ski. Gendarmerie Search and Rescue teams by the injured down to the hospital is being removed.

Veysel Değirmenci, who has been teaching in the Ski Center for a long time, has made some warnings. Skiing is easy to learn and 2-3 hourly training can learn that transfer Miller, the slope of the first-time skiers who want to work on low and straight runways.

Veysel Değirmenci explained that everyone from 4 to 85 years can learn to ski and gave the following information; . Very easy to learn to ski and with a short effort you can learn it. As you know, there is fresh air in Erciyes at high levels. Doctors recommend fresh air and have a comfortable day here. Together they can learn to ski with a short training. During the training we teach them the techniques of stopping and turning left in 2 hours. There are family learners. There are married couples, they learn to ski together. When learning skiing, land selection should be done well. You must learn to ski before on the flat terrain. Because people are going to the high point, they don't know how to stop and stop the skiing, so they tend to get down from the high ground. We have a training center and 2 are trained every hour. No one can take the skiing up and go to the long-leaning place. Ski is learned straight on the flat area, on the runway. The ski has a material that moves faster than the car. Kayak

indicating that they are witnessing increased interest in Erciyes Ski Center millers, "according to the general in Turkey Erciyes ski was better. 10 years ago 5 years ago there were few ski enthusiasts. But the recent investments made here increased interest. Because there are serious facilities occurred mechanical facilities and even those who want to learn skiing opportunities are offered, Çünkü he said.