Wooden Fences in Ski Areas

📩 24/11/2018 14:08

Wooden Fences Should Be Instead of Wooden Fences in Ski Centers: Kayseri Tourism Enterprises Association Board Member Mehmet Funceoglu said that nets that absorb bumps should be used instead of wooden fences. “If the place where the young man who died in Palandöken was hit by a net, 90 percent of death wouldn't happen.” said.

The death of a child in Bursa Uludağ and a student in Erzurum Palandöken caused attention to be turned into security measures in ski resorts. Problems such as the wooden fence in the ski resorts and the insufficiency of warning signs on the slopes were brought to the agenda. Mehmet Hoyceoglu, Board Member of Kayseri Tourism Enterprises Association, said that skiing is actually one of the most dangerous sports. Pointing out that accidents may take place from time to time in this sport, Hoşceoğlu said, “The important thing is to increase the measures more. If the ski resorts will get more share from tourism, they should show more attention to the health and safety of visitors. ” used the expression.

Eğlenceoğl the start of Turkey's new emphasis on skiing, the young people who lost their lives that should not be crossed in Palandöken ski resorts in the wooden fence, he said. Reminding that an athlete lady died in a similar accident before in Palandöken, Hoşceoğlu said, “After seeing these accidents, our measures should be more flexible and safety should be taken with materials that will absorb bumps. The important thing is to take lessons from them. ” wishes.

He said that he predicted that the result would not result in 90 percent death if the student who lost his life hit the net instead of the board. Indicating that it will be easier to speak after the accident ,lenceceoğlu addressed the management weakness for the deficiencies in Palandöken Ski Center. Just like in Erciyes, he said that it would be right to gather the mountain management in one hand. Indicating that the security measures including the newly opened tracks at the Erciyes Ski Center are at a high level, he said: “Especially the areas around the sleds, skiing and dangerous areas are surrounded by nets. Against the disappearances, the tracks are emptied by the staff after a certain time in the evening. ” said.

Noting that the vast majority of the citizens who came to the mountain were indecisive, he warned the citizens. He said: “The rules determined in the ski resorts should be followed. Definitely a helmet should be worn. Helmet use is as important as the seat belt in vehicles. Clothing should also be suitable for winter conditions. Snow goggles and gloves should be worn. It is especially important that citizens who have no experience go off the specified track. It should not be slipped in unknown places.