Things to do in Kartepe Ski Center

📩 24/11/2018 14:06

Things to do in Kartepe Ski Center: Kartepe is a ski resort with a natural beauty that appeals to every vacationer within the borders of Kartepe Kocaeli, which we have heard very often in recent years, and where many activities can be done.

The natural beauties that make Kartepe the center of attraction and the things to be done in Kartepe trip are as follows;

Kartepe is primarily a place where ski lovers often visit during the winter months. One of the most important activities that can be done in Kartepe is skiing. While going to the area with ski slopes in Kartepe, it is possible to find shops that sell and rent ski equipment and trainers on the road and in the area.

It is very close to natural beauty spots such as Kartepe, Maşukiye and Sapanca. Maşukiye is a place to be seen with its lush nature, the creek passing through it and trout restaurants. The most enjoyable part of Maşukiye is that there is not much disturbing sound that you can hear apart from the sound of the stream and birds. Restaurants and resting places that you will discover yourself are also a different beauty of Maşukiye.

Sapanca is a place that visited the city with its name in the city, a walk on the lake shore, restaurants and cafes overlooking the lake in the twelve months of the year. Apart from being a beautiful beauty with the presence of the lake, it is possible to do quite enjoyable activities with sailing, canoe and kayak on the lake with the works done in recent years.

To briefly touch on what you should not return without doing in Kartepe; No matter what season your visit to Kartepe is, 25 km from the center of Kartepe. You should visit the ski center, which you can reach with a magnificent view from a well maintained and green road, you should eat trout in Maşukiye, you should have coffee in the cafes on the lake shore in Sapanca, you should have coffee accompanied by lake views, you should buy flowers from greenhouses in Sapanca, from Kartepe to Maşkiye. On the way, you should buy bread from the stone ovens on the road.