Kartalkayada half-year holiday preparations completed

Kartalkaya'daki was completed in preparation for the semester break: hotel in Kartalkaya, Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter, poplar love to serve with the length of 45 kilometers approaching the runway.

semester break in preparation for the important winter tourism centers of Turkey's Kartalkaya'daki completed.

Hotels in the ski resort located 45 kilometers away from the city center, the demand for the half-year holiday was seen with high demand.

Holiday resorts to the ski center, the 45 mileage can be spent on the track.

Yusuf Avci, General Manager of Dorukkaya Hotel, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, the ski resort hotels have completed their preparations before the half-term, said: lam As we do every year, we intend to spend a busy semester. The snow thickness and belly quality is very nice for skiing. The holidaymakers who want to spend the semester holiday in Kartalkaya will enjoy the skiing and fun. S

The stronghold of the ski resort, which draws attention to the Hunter, est We divided the semester into 2 section. In the first part, our reservation rate reached 95. The second part is at the level of 60. 100 reaches the fullness of the weekend. I think we will experience a much better period of break holiday compared to the previous years. Daha

The snow thickness of the ski resort 2,5 meter on the rise of the Hunter, was expected in the snow days later, he added.